Allen Park 1961-1962 Winter Carnival

In 1962, a crowd estimated by James A. Sharp, recreation director, at 1,000 persons, witnessed a two-hour exhibition and competitive skating program Saturday afternoon at Allen Park rink. The occasion was Jamestown's annual Ice Carnival. Featured acts included waltzes by Arlene Tomlinson and Orrie Hoover, Peggy Olson and Robert Gustafson, Sandra Huston and Richard Pratt and Sue Dowd and John Morgan; exhibition on 20-inch stilt skates by David Videll and barrel jumping and leap through a flaming, revolving hoop by Orrie Hoover.

Orrie Hoover and Friends at Allen Park

video courtesy Greg Peterson

Dave Videll on stilt skates.
Dave Videll on 20-inch stilt skates at the Allen Park Winter Carnival, February 3, 1962 . Photo courtesy of Dave Videll.

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