Bergey - the great number 66

Somewhere in all of the current NFL draft chatter, I heard the name Bill Bergey.

I am a lifelong Steeler fan with family in the Buffalo area. While visiting on Christmas break in 1978, I suffered a serious (and avoidable) accident......of my own creation. I remain ever grateful for the fine staff at Gowanda Hospital, my supportive family, AND that I did not injure anyone else beyond emotionally.

One of the fine folks who visited me while I was confined to the traction contraptions was a kind man named Mr. Bergey. Mr. Bergey was very nice to drop in and wish me well. He told me of his son Bill who was a linebacker with the Eagles. He also was kind enough to give me a signed photograph of the great number 66. Mr. B was a gentleman and I enjoyed his visits. At that point in my sports watching career, I was less than appreciative that other folks were pulling for other teams with the same interest that I was cheering on my Steelers.

Well, I came to appreciate how good a player Bill Bergey was and realized long after I recovered and went home how lucky I was to have Mr. B the elder among the many fine people that looked after me, wayward youth that I was.....

For what it's worth, I remain very grateful for all of the fine Gowandians and all of their tender care in my time of trouble especially, Mr. Bergey, father of the inspiring linebacker.

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