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Kebort Wins Two More World Titles

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Kyoshi Christina Kebort won two World Karate champion titles in forms and sparring recently at the Battle of Columbus, making her a seven-time karate world champion.

Several members of Kebort’s Karate Tigers at the Jamestown YMCA received honors.

Shihan-dau Michael Phillips was promoted to seventh degree black belt, Sabion Taylor to blue belt, Malahki Schroder to purple belt, Kendall Wright to brown belt 1, Shane Federko to purple belt, Sensei Nick Rickerson to second degree black belt and Kyoshi Kebort to eighth degree black belt.

Schroder won awards at Johnson’s Blackbelt Academy Intre-School Tournament in Warren.

He took first place in 7-8 advanced Kata, self-defense and fighting while being awarded for a perfect kick by his instructor.

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