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Boehler Named To U.S. Team For Internationals In East Germany

Chuck Boehler, Jamestown motorcycle enthusiast and one of the area's best in competitive riding, has been selected as a member of an American team that will appear in East Germany this year, Lawrence Hyldahl, an official of Chautauqua Lake Cyclists, Inc., has announced.

The local club hit the news in a double-barreled capacity when, almost at the same time, word was received Jamestown's Little Bone Run Enduro has been selected as a national championship meet. The designation was made by the American Motorcyclists Association at Columbus, Ohio.

Boehler was selected for the September 7-12 International Six-Day Trials as a member of the four-man Greeves team from a field of 41 riders who scored points in the national championships in 1963.

Despite the fact he was able to compete in only two of the six events due to the crush of his local trucking business, Boehler was among the 41 top point winners and as such was selected by Greeves for its team.

The Jamestown man competed at the Cayuta National last year, and the Little Burr in Columbus, placing among the leaders in both events.

William Baird of Sterling, Illinois was national champ last year. Third was Dave Barnes of Geneva, who won the Little Bone Run Enduro here.

The Six-Day Internationals are awarded to a different country each year by the Federation of International Motorcyclists. American riders have always done well in the event. Last year, John Penton of Lorain, Ohio, won a gold medal and Bud Elkins of California has scored medal victories twice.

Designating the Little Bone Run Enduro as a championship meet is the first national recognition the comparatively new Chautauqua club has received. It will thus be one of the six events on which national points are awarded. Designation of the course is based on quality, the caliber of the local club, trail layouts, etc. High-point man of the six national meets is designated as the national enduro champ. Local officials point out that as many as 500 riders have competed in the more widely known enduros, such as Michigan's Jack Pine Run.

The International is a rounded program of varied competition covering between 1200 and 1500 miles, more than 200 per day, on a cross-country basis.

Boehler, 35, has a houseful of trophies won at local and national motorcycle events. He has been a motorcycle enthusiast for 18 years, competing for about eight.

"How do I feel about it, just fine...I think it's great," Mrs. Boehler, the former Bernice Clark of Falconer, said yesterday. The Boehlers have been married six years. They have two children, Craig, 3, and Denise, 1. Boehler heads Bennie M. Anderson Trucking Co., which still carries the name of his uncle, the former owner and operator.

One of the clubs more immediate events is the showing of motorcycle films, open to the public, free of charge. The next film is scheduled for March 21 at the Hough Hill Firemen's Building, Falconer.

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