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Boehler To Compete On the Isle of Mann

Chuck Boehler, who spends many weekends each year riding his motorcycle in competitions near and far, is going to do some flying instead this weekend.

But that's only to get to the Isle of Mann, off the coast of England, where Boehler will be one of the three riders on the Greeves factory team racing in the International Six-Day Trials.

The local motorcycle salesman and mechanic is leaving tomorrow morning by plane from Buffalo. His first few days abroad will be spent readying his machine for the grueling Olympic class event in which he competed six years ago as a privateer; that is, a rider paying his own way rather than being backed by a factory as a member of the factory's team.

Boehler was approved for the world competition by the American Motorcycle Association as one of the nation's top endurance-distance riders. One of his teammates will be Ron Jeckel of Glens Falls. The other is a man from Michigan.

Riders from many countries participate in the event every year and each year it is held at a new site. Last year it was in Spain.

The cyclists will ride cross-country for six days, covering a total of approximately 1,000 miles, the checkpoint-to-checkpoint trip including speed tests, etc.

The team is one of several representing the United States. Boehler, who pilots a 250cc Greeves in most of his outings, will ride a 125cc Dalesman in this one. The competition starts September 19.

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