CSHOF Nomination Letter

I am taking the liberty of putting the information I have concerning Chuck Boehler in letter form, in addition to filling in the Nominee Profile Form, in order to elaborate a bit where there is no room on the form, as it is very difficult to be brief regarding Chuck's accomplishments.

Achievements in Chautauqua County:

Charles (Chuck) Boehler was instrumental in organizing the Chautauqua Lake Cyclists Club around 1950 and has served as President a number of times over the years. He donated his time helping to organize road rallies, poker runs, hill climbs, motocross, enduros, and observed trials and scrambles. In later years, 1967-1974, Chuck organized, promoted and competed in motocross races on 28-Mile Creek Road in Gerry, NY.

He started his own motorcycle sales and service shop in 1962 and ran it as a part-time business at his home with the help of his wife, Bernice, until 1980. (Bernice died in 1983 following a lengthy illness.) During that time, he sold and serviced Greeves, Penton, KTM, Husqvarna, Dot, Cotton, Hodaka and Dalesman. He spent much of his time working with local young riders, training them to ride, sponsoring some, and assisting them in acquiring factory help.

Achievements Outside Chautauqua County:

As a competitor and/or worker, Chuck attended events in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, Canada and England. He won Senior class championships at Zoar Valley and Blumont in 1975. Through the years, up to about 1978, this man won approximately 500 trophies or medals.

His most outstanding achievements came in 1964, 1965 and 1971. In '64 he was invited to run in the International Six Day Trials in Germany as one of the four men on the Greeves factory team. The event, however, was cancelled due to political unrest.

In 1965, Chuck was named to the United States team of four to compete in the 40th annual International Six Day Trials held on the Isle of Man, England. Chuck competed as an independent (not sponsored), riding a 250cc Greeves. Unfortunately, Chuck was forced to drop out with mechanical problems. To be invited to the ISDT is an honor in itself, considering the large group of riders, all well-qualified, from which he was chosen. To be invited to this event is akin to being selected for the Olympics.

Chuck was chosen again for the 1971 running of the ISDT held once more on the Isle of Man - this time riding a 125cc Dalesman factory entry. He competed well over the 1000-mile course with two other members of the Dalesman team, earning a silver medal in a real test of endurance, finishing second behind a team from Czechoslovakia.

The number of starters for the event totaled 297 and less than 200 finished the trial. Chuck had been chosen for the ISDT events by the American Motorcycle Association, who had classified him as a Class A rider since 1960.

I would like to note that only recently has the motocross rider been recognized as a complete athlete due to the tremendous demands put on them both physically and mentally.

In addition to the above, Chuck was the 1968 and 1970 AMA Sportsman champion.

Chuck owns and operates Bennie M. Anderson Trucking in Falconer.

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