Area native proves courageous heart

Once in awhile someone amazing comes along and it was you, Jenn Suhr.

I first met you on July 8, 2004, when you were introduced to the Thursday Travel League at Cardinal Hills Golf Course in Randolph by your grandfather Richard “Bunk” Stuczynski.

You played in a foursome made up of your uncle Joe Nietupski, Ron “BoBo” Trezenski and Gary “Herbie” Hazelton.

You didn’t ask for a handicap or were given one. You played from the men’s tees and shot a 102. The low score of the day went to John “Hot Dog” Tofil with an 81. I had a good day. I shot 105, 10 below my average. The consensus was that you are a talented and tough competitor.

The gold medal you earned in 2012 didn’t give you a free pass to Rio. You had to qualify here in the U.S. to get to Rio.

Again you represented the U.S. But things didn’t work out and it wasn’t for lack of trying.

After reading in the OBSERVER (Aug. 21) what you had posted on your Facebook I thought what a great attitude especially after all that happened.

Jenn, your attitude and performances throughout your career are above reproach.

That article told me you set a new standard or bar for being a great person and you cleared that bar with ease and much higher than the heights in the Olympics.

You never forgot your roots, your family, your community, your friends and those that helped you with your journey through life.

Your heart has always been in the right place.

Remember that you are an Olympian and that’s forever no one can take that from you.

One day, the Olympic gods will get together and after reviewing your achievements and performances and knowing that you competed even when ill.

They will decide that the next constellation be formed in the shape of a heart and that it be named courageous in your honor.

Suhr proud.

Clem Worosz is a Dunkirk resident.

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