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The Best

Dan Feather is gone. A legend in PPC shooting, Dan Feather was the inspiration for countless new shooters and a friend to all participants at the Jamestown, New York range.

When I began to become interested in shooting PPC, I didn't know the routine or the equipment and even though I had transitioned from a single stage reloading press to a progressive press, I was still in the dark.

In the early 1980's, I attended a PPC match sponsored by the Metro Toronto Police Force. As I recall, I didn't shoot that well. As a beginner, I wanted to pick up a few tips from the hotshots, the big boys, the experts - only they weren't called experts, they were called High Masters. The best shooters are classified as High Masters. You just can't get any better and if you want to pick up a few tips on how to improve, talking to them is the way to go. Now PPC competitions are fierce and these days the top competitors in any sport don't usually associate with the new breed. They are just too busy dealing with their own problems. Try and talk with a movie star or Olympic athlete. It's just impossible.

After the competition was over and while I was waiting for the banquet to begin, Dan Feather entered the room. Dan didn't know me from Adam. Nevertheless, determined to improve, I wanted to know the secrets of the top shooters and this was my opportunity. I went up to Dan, introduced myself, and began to machine gun him with questions. What was his load? What kind of bullet? What kind of powder? What kind of gun? What was the secret to winning?

Know what he said? Standardize your load - he told me exactly what his was - practice, concentrate and make every shot count.

Knowledgeable, approachable, friendly, Dan Feather believed in PPC shooting, a refreshing welcome to the sport. Not only did he run the Jamestown, NY PPC competitions, he played an important part in every aspect of organizing, preparing, supervising and managing these competitions. Along with Boyd Shaffer, the Jamestown PPC competitions in the summer are one of the most enjoyable and most looked forward to.

Dan didn't just participate; he helped out shooters with his superbly cast bullets and his wealth of knowledge with revolvers as well as pistols. He even enlisted his wonderful wife, Verna, with her absolutely fantastic recipe for baked beans. To me, shooting PPC in Jamestown meant good times, great shooting, great food and great company.

On route 60, off Interstate 90, coming along North Main Street as you come into Jamestown, New York is Lake View Cemetery. Dan Feather, 44, athlete competitor, police officer, and husband is buried there on the left. Dan Feather was a nice guy and he will be missed by all whose lives he touched. A High Master arrived in heaven on May 12, 1992.

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