Jamestown City Council Resolution

WHEREAS, we are a nation of laws that are designed to protect the citizenry, and

WHEREAS, our laws, in turn, are enforced by the thin blue line of men and women who daily risk their lives walking into the jaws of death, sometimes to walk back out again and sometimes to perish, and

WHEREAS, the thin blue line of the Jamestown Police Department is diminished by one officer due to the untimely passing of Daniel W. Feather on May 12, 1992, and

WHEREAS, Officer Daniel W. Feather was an exemplary law enforcement officer whose professional skills and personal attributes cast a positive glow on the entire Jamestown Police Department, dating back to when he began his tour of duty in 1974, and

WHEREAS, Officer Daniel W. Feather was, throughout his career, the recipient of numerous departmental awards for educational achievement, exceptional police service, and certificates of achievement, and

WHEREAS, Officer Daniel W. Feather also received numerous awards from agencies outside the Jamestown Police Department, including the Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office, District Attorney's Office, Jamestown Community College and other local organizations, and

WHEREAS in addition to his skills as a police officer, Daniel W. Feather was also an accomplished athlete and personal fitness advocate, successfully participating in various athletic events on the local, state and national level, and

WHEREAS, Officer Daniel W. Feather co-founded the Chautauqua Striders Track Club and was the lone recipient of the Chautauqua County Gold Achievement Award for Physical Fitness, and

WHEREAS, this combination of police skills, personal fitness and community service made Daniel W. Feather the model of the best of the Jamestown Police Department and an individual our city could be proud of, now therefore be it

RESOLVED that the Jamestown City Council pays its highest tribute to the memory of Officer Daniel W. Feather, urging present and future officers of the Jamestown Police Department to strive for the highest level of personal achievement, just as Officer Feather did, and be it further

RESOLVED that deepest regrets be extended to the family of Officer Daniel W. Feather with the knowledge that their loss is our collective loss, and the comfort of his memory and example shall never be forgotten.

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