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Fredonia Giant Retains World Powerpress Title

BIRMINGHAM, England – Don Reinhoudt, Fredonia, N.Y., although not pleased with his effort, still won his third straight Superheavyweight Powerlifting Championships Saturday at the Birmingham Town Center.

The 364-pounmder accumulated 2,274.5 pounds in three lifts to turn back with ease John Phillip of Tonga.

“This was a terrible performance. I think the traveling, change of food and water and a loss of body weight had a lot to do with it,” Reinhoudt said.

Reinhoudt, a member of the United States team, has also won three U.S. crowns while setting several records along the way.

The difference between this form of competition and Olympic weightlifting is that the competitors don’t have to raise the bars above their heads. The participants are judged on a squat, bench press and dead lift.

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