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“Swat” Erickson May Join Gilmore Circuit


Erickson Was Drafted by St. Louis Americans But Tells His Friends He Will Not Report There –
“Swat” Was Leading Twirler of Rochester Club in Spite of Poor Start

“Swat” Erickson, Jamestown’s pride in the International League, has returned to his home in this city after finishing a very successful season with the Rochester club. Although he could not be located today it is understood that he has been drafted by the St. Louis Americans for the next season. Manager McGraw of the New York Giants had some sort of a string on Erickson but did not recall him and President Hedges of the Browns got him through the draft.Although no definite statement has been received from Erickson it is said that he told some of his friends here that he will not go to St. Louis next season but will instead jump to the Brooklyn Feds. Manager Johnny Ganzel of the Brooklyn Outlaws was Erickson’s former leader at Rochester and, according to the rumor, has made “Swat” a very good offer.

Although getting away to a rather poor start on account of injuries this spring Erickson wound up the season as Rochester’s best bet in the twirling line, making a better record than did the Cuban, Palmero, who was recalled by McGraw to the Giants. Aside from pitching first class ball Erickson also did well with the stick during the last half of the season, closing with a .211 mark.

Erickson started his baseball career as a member of the Jamestown Athletic club of this city. For two or three seasons he pitched winning ball for that club in the local City league and was a member of that team when Hugh Lerow organized the Jamestown Independent team and “Swat” joined the team as a member of the twirling staff. He was not long with this team, however, he and Second Baseman Carling being picked up by a scout of the Texas league. It was from this circuit that he was picked up by McGraw, who later farmed him out to Rochester.

When Rochester played an exhibition game here several weeks ago Catcher Williams, who was later made manager of the Hustlers, said that in his estimation Erickson had more stuff than any other twirler in the circuit, his lone weakness being wildness. Similar statements have been made by others in the International and Erickson’s friends here are of the opinion that McGraw has made a mistake in not recalling the Jamestown lad. He would have made a first class Giant; standing well over six feet in his socks.

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