Nichols moves to have school driveway named for Coach Jagoda

At the suggestion of Councilwoman Nancy Nichols, the city of Dunkirk will ask the school district to name a driveway on its secondary school campus after Frank Jagoda.

Eric Gloss wrote to the city government recently asking that a street be named after Jagoda, the Dunkirk High School varsity baseball head coach since 1993.

Nichols said, after talking about the suggestion with Department of Public Works Director Randy Woodbury, she came up with an alternate plan.

“We don’t want to start precedents,” she said of renaming a city public street. “We don’t want to be disrespectful to Mr. Jagoda.”

She suggested putting Jagoda’s name on the school district roadway that runs from Lucas Avenue, past the baseball diamond, to Sixth Street.

“I know Frank’s done a great job for a great many years. But I think he would be more proud if it started right at the school level,” she said.

Councilman-at-large David Damico said a working committee would be started to look into the manner. City Attorney Richard Morrisroe pointed out the committee will have to work closely with school district officials.

Nichols said, “We’re trying to come to a happy medium here, so everybody’s happy about it. And it’s right off Marauder Drive, so it ties it all together.”

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