In Memoriam: George Carter

George Carter played 7 seasons in the ABA, and was a 1971 ABA All-Star. He retired from basketball in 1976 with 8863 combined ABA/NBA career points, averaging 18.1 points and 6.8 rebounds per game for his career. On November 21, 1970, he scored 40 points in a 110-103 win by the Virginia Squires over the Indiana Pacers, a game in which 4 future Hall of Famers played.

On November 18, 2020, George passed away from complications of cancer. About 1 year before his death, he sought assistance from the Dropping Dimes Foundation. His situation was dire. He was unable to work his job as a limo driver due to the effects of chemotherapy. At age 75, the driving job was needed to supplement his Social Security income. He had mounting medical expenses, and was being evicted from his rental home.

Dropping Dimes provided George with free legal assistance to stave off eviction during the early stages of Covid, a time when his cancer and chemo treatments, along with his advanced age, left him extremely vulnerable. He had no money for a new place, and believed he was about to become homeless. Dropping Dimes got him 8 precious additional months of time to live in his home, found him a new affordable home nearby, and paid for his moving expenses, security deposit and first month’s rent at the new place.

Dropping Dimes was George’s sole source of financial support during his last year of life, providing him with respect and dignity while protecting him from eviction and homelessness. When George died he had no next of kin, so he was to be provided a pauper funeral by the state of Nevada. Dropping Dimes contacted the funeral home and is currently making arrangements to provide George with a respectful funeral service and memorial, along with flowers and a remembrance. A final show of respect.

It’s stories like George’s that make the Dropping Dimes Foundation continue to push for the NBA to provide a pension for ABA players, men who contributed greatly to today’s pro basketball game. It’s why Lana Sports involves ABA players in its business, it’s why we support the Dropping Dimes Foundation, and it’s why so many ABA players endorse and support us.

George, you were a hell of a player, and a great guy. You will be missed.

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