Geza Farkas

Geza Farkas
Geza Farkas

Year Inducted

by Todd Peterson

The amazing story of the late Geza Farkas is not only inspirational, but reveals how his wonderful spirit, strong will and determination lead to incredible achievements.

He was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1932. His grandfather was the Minister of Defense for the country and his father was a successful business man. The family was considered to be affluent, but once the Communists invaded Hungary, their fortunes changed.

One of his great honors while growing up was serving as an alter boy for Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty.

Farkas became interested in gymnastics around the age of 12 and from that point on, put in long, grueling hours of training that began early in the morning before school. Once school was over, he took a bus back to the training facility and worked for several more hours before heading home for dinner.

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