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Big Names of Sportsdom Attend As Irv Noren - Ex-Jamestowner - Opens Bowling Lanes

Data on Irv Noren’s new bowling establishment in Pasadena out California way arrives via three sources and from two different directions, East and West. Jamestown-born Noren, who went to the majors with Washington, later served with the New York Yankees and is now the property of the St. Louis Cardinals, recently swung open the doors to his 32-alley dazzler. Noren and Leo Le Fave, West Coast industrialist, are partners in the operation.

Jamestowner Frank Fortune, now a Washington, D. C, newspaper correspondent, sends along a clipping on Irv's new pin palace; Gord (Bank of Jamestown) Phillips, back from California, has contributed descriptive literature, and Oliver Carlson reports with considerable information forwarded by Irv's pappy, Perry, who operated a bakery here for many years. The family moved to California when Irv was 12 years old and it was from the coast that the young outfielder launched his baseball career, a brilliant minor league career that led to the majors.

An entire section In the Pasadena Star-News is devoted to the grand opening and the list of attending sports personalities is a real Who's Who. It includes Middleweight Champion Carmen Basilio from way back here in New York State; Pancho Gonzales, the pro tennis star; Billy Welu, the noted bowling champ who has appeared in the Ten Pin Open Sweeper here; Duke Snider, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder; Jimmy McLarnin, the former welterweight boxing champ; Cisco Andrade. prominent Coast welterweight contender; Andy Carey, New York Yankee outfielder; Bob Lemon, Cleveland pitcher; Tom Morgan, Kansas City hurler; Les Richter, Don Burrough and Bob Griffin of the Los Angeles Rams; Olympic diving queens, Vicki Draves and Paula Jean Myers; Gus Zernial, Kansas City A's slugger; Al Learned, Pasadena City College football coach, and Esther Woods, California bowling queen.

We'd say Irv had a right smart grand opening and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Good luck, Irv!

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