Jamestown Evening-Journal

Jack Harper Gets Real Invitation

Jack Harper, former big league ball player who for several years has made his home here, has received an invitation be to the guest of the City of Cincinnati, the Cincinnati National League Club, and the Hotel St. Nicholas at the annual Old Timers’ Day at Redland Field on Sat., Sept. 3rd, when old timers get together, talk over the old days and, if creaking joints, shaky legs and brittle arms permit such exercise, play a game of their own either before or after a regular National League game.

On this occasion the Cincinnati Reds meet the Pittsburgh Pirates and then the old timers stage a game, in which Mr. Harper is invited to participate. He will be unable to accept the hospitality of Cincinnati on this occasion, much to his regret, for he was there two years ago and knows just what this hospitality means. Mr. Harper pitched for Cincinnati from 1903 to 1906 and then went to the Chicago Cubs for a year, before retiring from the game.

He was a resident of Oil City, Pa., at the time and, having been here on a vacation, picked out Jamestown as a place to locate, buying the Oak cafe on West Second Street (now the Empire Lunch) and conducting it for several years. With the late Hugh Shannon, he managed the Jamestown club back in 1910, when Billy Webb was one of the players.

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