Jehuu Caulcrick

Jehuu Caulcrick
Jehuu Caulcrick
b. 1983

Year Inducted

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following article by Scott Kindberg originally appeared in The Post-Journal on December 15, 2014.

A visitor to Bonita Caulcrick's Victorian-style home finds the mailbox to the right of the front door, opens the lid and pulls out an envelope. Inside are a stack of family photographs, some dating back 20 years.

The pictures are making the rounds. It's April 2007 and the NFL Network is asking for them. Newspapers and TV stations from throughout Western New York are, too. When Jehuu is your son and the NFL Draft is only days away, it's not surprising that Bonita and the media are becoming good friends.

"Forgot to mention that the fellow from Channel 2 took with him a couple of pictures," Bonita writes on the front of the envelope. "He's supposed to have them back by Wednesday."

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