Jim Adamczak

Jim Adamczak
Jim Adamczak

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Sometimes an injury can be a blessing in disguise and that certainly can pertain to the career of Jim Adamczak. Adamczak, a Jamestown High School graduate, was playing for Sugar Grove of the Chautauqua County Baseball Association when he suffered an injury in 1957 that changed everything en route to a fabulous softball career. He was batting when he caught his spikes on a corner of the plate, resulting in tearing ligaments in his knee. That injury was so serious that he had to take six months off of work at Proto Tool.

After recovering, Adamczak and his friends started playing softball in a neighborhood warehouse during the winter months. In the spring of 1958, Adamczak joined the New-Way Restaurant of the Rec Softball League as a pitcher and was very wild with an average of 14 walks per game. But Adamczak worked out daily during the winter to correct the control problem. Without a doubt, he mastered the problem quite well for the rest of his distinguished career.

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