Jamestown Evening Journal

Sentence Deferred on Jimmy Clark Who Admits Street Fighting Count; One Man in Hospital After Fracas

James (Jamestown Jimmy) Clark, 34, of 1115 Washington Street, may not be the fighter he was a few years back when he won the right to represent this country at the Olympic games as the leading American amateur welterweight, but his dark fists still pack a lethal wallop!

Joseph Cappano, 28, of 307 Allen Street, can attest to the fact! Cappano was in Jamestown General Hospital recovering from fracture of the jaw when Judge Allen E. Bargar convened city court this morning, but Jamestown Jimmy— fresh as a daisy, dapper as an Ethiopian prince—was among those present when the judge began the Monday morning roll call.

Jimmy pleaded guilty to a charge of street fighting and received a deferred sentence. He told the judge that Cappano, Angelo Latona, 30, of 103 Willard Street, and an unnamed third person, picked a fight with him while he was seated with a party in a Harrison Street restaurant early Sunday morning. The fight actually occurred when Cappano and company invited Clark to "see us outside" according to Clark's statement before the judge. Latona pleaded not guilty to the street fighting charge and was released on $15 bail pending trial. Cappano faces a similar charge when he emerges from his temporary "retirement'' at the hospital.

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