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Former Falcons Owner Named Oil Executive

CHICAGO - John J. Jachym, former resident of Jamestown who once owned and operated the Jamestown Falcons of the PONY League, is turning his talents to oil.J.G. Brown, senior partner of James G. Brown & Associates, 664 North Michigan Avenue, petroleum producers, has named Jachym manager of the company's Eastern Division.

Brown and Associates own outright or have under lease, thousands of acres of oil lands in Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Jachym, a graduate of the University of Missouri (1940) with a degree of Bachelor of Journalism, filled editorial posts on the Jefferson City (Mo.) Post Tribune, Jamacia (N.Y.) Long Island Press, Dunkirk (N.Y.) Observer, and United Press.

While on an editorial assignment one day he met Branch Rickey and that was the start of young Jachym's rapid and highly successful flight into the higher realms of baseball financing. For several months, until Oct. 1941, he scouted and directed a baseball school for the St. Louis Cardinals.

For the next five years, until March 1946, he followed the U.S. Marine Corps as a member of the 1st Division, through the South Pacific campaigns, emerging as a captain, with a silver star for heroism at Guadalcanal.

While still in service he bought the Jamestown club. Two years later, after the team had won a pennant and come in second, he sold it to the Detroit Tigers for $50,000, reputedly the highest price ever paid for a Class D team. Along with the cash Jachym got the job of assistant director of the Detroit Farm System, a position he held until December 1949.

The reason for leaving the Tigers was a simple one. He bought a 40 per cent interest in the Washington Senators and baseball rules and regulations prevented a split allegiance. He sold his interest a little more than six months later, in June 1950, and stepped out of baseball completely and profitably.

During the last three and half years Jachym has been privately engaged in industrial financing, using the same financial talents in other fields that he applied so well to baseball.

He and Mrs. Jachym have moved their family of a seven-year-old boy and two girls, ages six and two, from Los Altos, Calif., to 811 Normandy Lane, Glenview, III.

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