Jamestown Evening Journal

Newman for Honorary Mayor, Police and Fire Chief - Let’s Make Him Honorary Citizen and Permanent Resident !

If, when he is honored at the Pythian’s testimonial ceremony in Civic stadium Friday night the mayor of our city and the police and fire chiefs refuse to make Jamestown’s celebrated home run king the honorary mayor, honorary police and fire chiefs . . . then let’s rise, the rest of us, and chase all the rascals out of City Hall and proclaim the PL Sovereign of Smack the major domo of Jamestown’s municipal government, tossing in the office of dog-catcher.The roly-poly Chicagoan, whose prowess on the diamond and amiability at all hours have combined to make him this municipality’s Celebrity No. 1 wants above all else, even more than his prestige as the home run monarch of two leagues... the Kitty league and the PONY league, to become a citizen and permanent resident of Jamestown !

And who’s standing in his way that we can’t brush off?

Surely there’s nothing to prevent Hizzoner Leon F. Roberts from handing Mr. Newman on Friday evening a scroll designating him as the city’s honorary chief executive, and Messrs. G. Harry Nelson Rudolph H. Swanson as police and fire chieftains respectively, might act similarly with regard to their particular departments.

Be it known that last night in Olean the good-natured Mastodon of the Mace smote his 27th round-tripper of the 1941 campaign, to eclipse all other claims to the purple mantle as the PL’s Sultan of Swat. The claim of the Greasers’ official scorer that, in 1940, Larry Mancini of Olean smote 26 circuit clouts may or may not be acknowledged as based on authenticity, altho this correspondent prefers the figures of Mr. Mike Abdo, Jr., to those of the PL’s so-called and strictly commercial official scorer, and the guide books to which he purveys his statistics... for a price, perhaps.

As the night for his testimonial draws nigh, the stature of Jamestown’s Mighty Macer grows apace.

In his off-the-diamond moments, Roly Poly often strolls the streets of the city with his comely missus and makes certain ports of call such as the Humidor, Gunnill & Carlson’s and especially Central fire station. Those big, shiny red wagons and the fire station environment generally give Johnny a big kick. He sits on the driver’s perch, tests the gadgets and has more fun than a kid in the sand at the beach. Surely, Chief Swanson can’t refuse to bestow an honorary title on such an enthusiast for his department.

A year ago when the PL season ended, Mr. and Mrs. Newman lingered in town about ten days while Johnny tried to land a job. He didn’t succeed and the Newmans were compelled to return to Chicago. PL athletes, because of the well known salary limit, aren’t overly-endowed for their services, and the Newman’s purse was on the light side when they left town. But the Sovereign of Smack is wholly sincere in his ambition to become a citizen and permanent resident. He likes the town, its climate and most of all its people. In turn the big fellow has given Jamestown plenty of reason to accord him an A1 rating. Somewhere within the municipality’s mercantile and industrial spheres there should be worth while employment for such a distinguished fellow. He might prove a bonanza foe some retailer, what with the number who would become his special patrons.

The Knights of Pythias on Friday night are bestowing their own gifts on Mr. and Mrs. Newman and Manager Mulleavy. In addition a cash testimonial fund is being subscribed for Johnny, fans leaving their contributions at either the Humidor or Gunnill & Carlson’s. In this way, too, Mr. and Mrs. Jamestown could speak eloquently of their regard for this slugger supreme whose mighty bat has played a super-role in hoisting our favorite Falcons to the peak of the PL standings.

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