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Local Man Wins State Sporterifle Shootoff

Kay Anderson of Niobe has won the New York State Sporterifle Shooting Championship for the third (not in succession) time.

Three sectionals are held throughout the state and Andy fired at Niagara Falls, where he shot the three-target course with each of the three receiving 10 shots and having a possible value of 100. He totaled 291x300 with scores of 99, 96, and 96.

Three sectional meets are held in the state and the high gun after the results are combined is the champ. Anderson edged out last year's titleholder by one point.

Sporterifle shooting is defined as any .22 caliber rifle not weighing more than seven pounds and complete with any type of sights. Shooting is all in standing position without any "frills" such as slings, palm-rests, hooks or padded jackets and the arms may not be rested against the body.

Anderson is employed by Crescent Tool, Falconer plant, and lives with his wife and seven children. He is a 10-year veteran of shooting and at present competes in two leagues during the winter gallery season. Andy also assists the Jamestown Junior Rifle Club team.

The Niobe man placed fourth in the gallery target rifle competition at the state meet this year with 791 of 800 in the four-position course. He finished 19th in the nation with 792 of 800 in the national sectional. He has also fired a team's winning national class honors. For instance, he and three other local men, Ed Zamborik, Dave Lindberg, and Mark Hall took third in the national civilian competition.

Anderson is an all-round recreation man. He also plays golf, hunts, and shoots archery and rides the hills in the family Dune Buggy.

The Jamestown Rifle Club. Andy explains, is introducing a Sporterifle program. Competition is usually on Thursday evenings at the club, Busti-Stillwater Road across from the old go-kart track. "We welcome newcomers to this phase of rifle shooting," Anderson said.

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