Leda Peterson

Leda Peterson
Leda Peterson
b. 1955

Year Inducted

Leda Peterson might be the finest female athlete ever produced in Chautauqua County. Peterson has been a superb performer in various sports throughout her career and in all likelihood is the only local woman ever to play for a professional team sport, having played softball for the Buffalo Breskis.

The daughter of John and Rose Marie Peterson of Falconer was born December 18, 1955, in Jamestown. She showed her athletic ability at an early age by rolling several high 500 and 600 series in junior-senior high school bowling competition at Falconer Central School.

In 1974 girls high school sports were introduced in Chautauqua County and Peterson received the Most Athletic Award for her senior class at Falconer. In addition, she was presented the Sportsmanship Award, which was chosen by the Falconer faculty. Earlier that spring, she guided the Golden Falcons to a Chautauqua County softball championship. The summer of 1974 saw Peterson become the Most Valuable Player at the Kinzua Women's Softball Tournament in Warren, Pennsylvania.

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