Lou DeSantis

Lou DeSantis
Lou DeSantis

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The sports accomplishments of Lou DeSantis, both in the United States and abroad, are numerous and varied. DeSantis was a standout in basketball, softball, track and cross country at Washington Junior High School and won the first all-around athlete medal ever awarded for the three Jamestown junior high schools. As a sophomore at Jamestown High School, DeSantis lettered in football, basketball and track. He transferred to Falconer High School for the next two years and was quarterback of the football team and a guard on the basketball team.

After high school, DeSantis played semi-pro football for the Jamestown Ariels and eventually became quarterback, captain and then coach. In 1941 he quarterbacked the Warren Red Jackets. He also played on numerous baseball and softball teams and was a member of the Malleable Iron basketball and bowling teams. The bowling team held the high team score in Jamestown for 32 years.

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