Mark Weaver

Mark Weaver
Mark Weaver
b. 1970

Martial Arts
Year Inducted
Grandmaster is defined as a "title that is honorary in nature, meaning it does not confer rank, but rather distinguishes the individual as very highly revered in his school, system or style."

There's reason that Mark Weaver has that moniker in front of his name.

In his 42-year involvement in martial arts, Weaver has built quite a resume, one that has landed him in multiple halls of fame for his prowess in the sport.

Did you know that Weaver, who works at Gustavus Adolphus Services in Jamestown:

  • Is a member of the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame (2015).
  • Is proficient in the disciplines of karate, Gung-Fu, Kunato, Ninjitsu, kickboxing, Shaolin, Yangshen, Kung-Fu; and has trained in Hapan, Singapore, Korea and Thailand.

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