Mel McGinnis

Mel McGinnis
Mel McGinnis
b. 1960

Track & Field
Year Inducted

The Reverend Mel McGinnis continues to loyally serve his congregation each day as the senior pastor of the Kiantone Congregational Church, a position he's held since August 2001.

He has also managed to find time in his often busy life to become an outstanding track and field athlete, so much so that it led him to the U.S. Olympic Training Center, where he trained as a racewalker, qualifying for the Olympic Trials in 1984.

Racewalking is a unique and very difficult sport. Walkers must walk in a rigid format, keeping one foot on the ground at all times. When placing their feet on the ground, a walker's foot must be in a straight line with no bent knees. Mistakes can be costly and even lead to disqualification.

McGinnis has perfected these techniques and the results speak for themselves.

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