Congressional Record (Senate)

Tribute to Phil Gravink

Mr. SMITH of New Hampshire. Mr. President, I rise today to honor Phil Gravink the senior statesman of New Hampshire's ski industry. Phil Gravink is one of the industry's most respected and experienced leaders. He is currently director of Attitash/Bear Peak Resort in Bartlett. This resort is New Hampshire's largest and is a vital part of the state's economy, attracting skiers from all over New England and bringing in millions of dollars in revenues. Phil is a resident of Jackson, and has devoted 36 years to operating ski resorts, 22 of which have been in New Hampshire.Phil Gravink has had a truly successful and distinguished career. He has served as chairman of the National Ski Association and the American Ski Federation. In 1963 he founded Peak 'n Peek ski area in Western New York. He then served as superintendent of Gore Mountain Ski Area in New York until he came to New Hampshire in 1977 as General Manager of Loon Mountain. In 1980 he became president of Loon and lead it through its most successful growth years. In 1991 he moved on to a Littleton based "'' company as a senior associate, and then helped operate the two state-owned resorts: Cannon and Mount Sunapee ski areas. In 1992, he took the job as head of Attitash/Bear Peak and oversaw an extensive expansion that nearly doubled the size of the resort.

Phil Gravink has been an integral part of New Hampshire's Ski industry. On June 4, Phil announced his retirement, but plans to stay with Attitash/Bear Peak as an advisor. Phil and his wife are scheduled to spend the year 2000 on a bicycling trip around the world, raising money for the New England Ski Museum and the Northeast Passage, a disabled sports program that his daughter Jill has worked to develop. The Northeast Passage began as a way for post-trauma patients to become re-involved in skiing and has since expanded to involve other sports.

I commend Phil for his critical role and unwavering dedication to the success and progression of the New Hampshire ski industry. I wish him and his wife the best of luck in the Odyssey 2000 cycling trip. Phil Gravink is a great business man and a model citizen. His retirement leaves behind a great legacy. It is an honor to represent him in the United States Senate.

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