The Historic Annals of Southwestern New York


Making his own distinctive contribution to the work of the Shearman family in Jamestown, Richard P. Shearman is secretary and plant supervisor of the Shearman Brothers Company, manufacturers of upholstered furniture.

Mr. Shearman was born March 27, 1902 in Jamestown, New York, the son of Frank E. and Catharine (Derry) Shearman of Jamestown. He attended the public schools of Jamestown his birthplace, receiving supplementary education at Newman’s School in New Jersey and at Milford School in Milford, Connecticut. He was a student for one year at Mount St Mary's College. Completing his formal schooling, he became associated with the Shearman business interests in Jamestown and since that time have been active in the upholstered furniture trade The company was established in 1880 by Rufus P. Shearman, his grandfather, and by Rufus’ brother, Addison Shearman. The first site was on East Second Street and the enterprise experienced great growth and prosperity as the years went on. The company today holds high standing in the trade because of its excellent stylistic achievement. From the beginning stage of a co-partnership, has grown to the corporate form of organization having been formally incorporated in 1901 with Fred J Shearman as president. His assistants as the other officers were E. J. Hemenway, E. L. Derry and Frank E. Shearman. In 1912, Frank E. Shearman was made president after he purchased a controlling interest in the corporation, and at that time John C. Shearman became vice-president and general manager; F. E. Shearman, Jr. treasurer; and R. P. Shearman, secretary. This firm employs more than 150 people and occupies 120,000 square feet of floor space and distributes its products throughout the United States. It has its own railroad siding accommodating ten or fifteen cars. Some years ago the Shearmans bought the Maddox Table of which F. E. Shearman, Sr. is president; F. E. Shearman, Jr., treasurer and general manager; and John C. Shearman, vice-president. The company is the oldest of its kind to operate continuously under one name in Jamestown.

In addition to his work with the furniture company, Richard P. Shearman has taken an extensive part in the affairs of many local organizations. He is a Member of the Lake Chautauqua Yacht Club and finds yachting a very pleasing hobby. He has been successful in a number of races held on Lake Chautauqua Mr. Shearman is also an active member of the Chautauqua Lake Skating Association. He belongs to the Roman Catholic Church and the Knights of Columbus. In 1929 Richard P. Shearman married Mary Mossman daughter of William T. and Beryl (Showalter) Mossman of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The following children have been born to them: Mary Derry Shearman on December 5 1930; Suzanne Shearman on March I4, 1932; and Catharine Beryl Shearman on April 16, 1934.

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