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Conlan Should Go In First 12 Picks Of NFL Draft

While there is some discrepancy where Shane Conlan will be selected in Tuesday's National Football League draft (anywhere from the second to 12th overall pick) there is little question that the Frewsburg native is well thought of throughout the league by personnel directors, scouts and general managers polled.

He is so well liked, that he has earned the "can't miss" tag by one veteran scout, who has also noted that Conlan won't be just "good", but "great" in the NFL.

Ranked highly by both the BLESTO and National collegiate scouting services, Conlan is expected to start in his first year.

Below is a sampling of the comments by NFL team representatives. The Post-Journal sought comments from the Buffalo Bills who are believed to be very interested in Conlan, but team officials did not return phone calls.

Gil Brandt, Dallas Cowboys: "I think he is an excellent football player and an outstanding person. I'm very, very impressed with him as a person. He's the kind of individual who is going to be very successful in life after football.

He could be the second player picked in the draft and he could be the 12th player picked. Some like blondes, some like redheads. It's all in the eyes of the beholder.

He'll be picked quickly and he'll be successful.

He has a way of making the big plays in the big games. He's so smart and he's dedicated to football. We'd like to put a star on his helmet."

Dick Steinberg, New England Patriots: "He's a very good player, a fine athlete, very competitive and very physical. He's probably going to go in the top 10 to 12 picks.

"It's a very strong group of linebackers, particularly the outside linebackers. We think Shane could play inside or outside. It's definitely the strongest position in the draft."

Tony Razzano, San Fransisco 49ers: "Number one, he's a good football player, number two, he's a good kid and number three, he'll go high in the draft because of this.

He has all the necessities that it takes to be an outstanding player in the NFL. He's fast and strong.

He can't miss. Not only being good, but being great."

George Young, New York Giants: "He's a top prospect. The only thing remotely negative is he's not a brute, but he's been an outstanding college player. He has enough size and speed to be a productive player in the NFL."

Young compared Conlan to former Pittsburgh Steeler great Jack Ham and former Oakland Raider and Buffalo Bill Phil Villapiano.

Dick Haley, Pittsburgh Steelers (from an Associated Press story): "Everything we've seen of Conlan indicates he's a quality guy and certainly a guy we'd like to have a chance to consider."

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