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Conlan's Fiesta Heroics Have Frewsburg Buzzing

It was too cold for dancing in the streets of Frewsburg Friday night, but hometown hero Shane Conlan's two interceptions and Defensive Most Valuable Player award in the Fiesta Bowl caused his fans to do a lot of whoopin' and hollerin' just the same.

In Anderson's Tavern a second television was brought in and set up in the dining room to allow the 30 to 40 patrons an unobstructed view.

Ken Pabody, an employee at Anderson's who was working Friday night, told The Post- Journal this morning, "We had all the 'regulars' in Friday night; we had food put out, like a party. Everyone was yelling 'Conlan!'.

"I heard they're thinking of having a Shane Conlan Day. They should. He's quite an athlete. I had him in Babe Ruth (baseball), and believe me, he could have chosen to play professional baseball just as well as football."

At 8 p.m. Friday the Dinner Bell Diner was closed. It was just as well, because owner Chet McMurty was 2,500 miles away at the game in Tempe, Ariz.

And according to his wife, Brenda, who was handling the diner this morning, McMurty was home in bed sleeping after having driven out and back with friends.

A few blocks away at the Frewsburg Hotel, waitress Janice Strandburg reported a "decent" crowd and "a lot of yelling going on during the last minutes of the game."

At the American Legion Post No. 556, club steward Wendell Strong reported the 50-inch, large-screen television was going as the "Fiesta Party" revelers ate snacks and cheered for their hero.

"It couldn't have been more exciting. It was an exciting game no matter who was playing, but combine that excitement with the Conlan excitement, and you're in for a big night," Strong said.

He added, "Then after the game, everyone sat around and discussed the pros and cons - who could have done better, who could have done this or that. You know the kind of talk."

Strong said that Conlan's parents - his father a state trooper and his mother an employee of Quality Markets in Frewsburg - were in Tempe, as was Conlan's best friend Jon Treadway, whose parents gave him an airline ticket for a Christmas present.

Jon's mother, Nancy Treadway said that Conlan had visited the Treadway home on Christmas and was excited that Jon would be at the game.

Mrs. Treadway said, "Jon has tried to get to all of Shame's games. They are the very best of friends and we all hope it stays that way.

"When Shane visited on Christmas, it was just like when they were growing up. I told Shane he is a big star, but he will always be like a boy to us."

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