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Jamestown Woman Among Those Holding 80th Spot In Nation's 3½ Million Bowlers

Sue Golen, attractive wife of golf pro Ed Golen at Moon Brook Country Club is really doing her thing as a bowler.

Mrs. Golen, who has hit the pro tour briefly, is having a fine season with a 192 composite, three-league average to date. She has rolled nine 600 series within the last few weeks, plus a 599 set. Twice during that charge, she hit three "sixes" in one week. Her top score during that string was a 666, rolled at Satellite Bowl.

The Women's International Bowling Congress at Greendale, WI, when contacted by The Post-Journal, figured a 192 composite would be about the 80th slot with many others in the nation's three and a half women bowlers. The final average nationally, we were told, will not be completed until early in September. Last year, for comparison, Cindy Coburn, of Buffalo, led the final stats with a 211 average. Miss Coburn and her mother, Doris, who were among the nation's leaders for the past two years, are well known in Jamestown bowling circles, having competed here.

Mrs. Golen once rolled a 689 here but her all-time high is 698 shot at Wichita, KS on the Professional Women's Bowling Association tour. She rolled a 279 single on that occasion.

She has a total of ten 600 sets thus far this season, but her record is thirty-three for one season set about ten years ago.

She admits to be "just snapping out of a terrible two-year slump". One veteran pro, with whom she roomed on the tour, convinced her she could change her delivery, which led to a letdown. "I have gone back to my old delivery and it is working swell," she said enthusiastically.

The PWBA has written her several times asking her to rejoin the pro tour. "Not for me," she explained. "I tried it and it is a tough life, but I may hit one tournament, probably in the Cleveland area."

Sue, the former Sue Vogtli of Gowanda, made 20 stops on the pro tour. Like all top-flight competition, there were good days and bad. She cashed several times and says one of her greatest thrills was at Toledo where "some people came up and asked for my autograph." The 698, of course, was an event to be remembered, so was bowling against Doris Coburn, one of the world's best, on TV, in Buffalo. She and Doris tied at 215 and Doris won the roll-off. In a second TV appearance, Sue hit a 191 and was edged out.

She met and married Ed Golen 17 years ago when he was a pro at Gowanda. "He sure helped my bowling a lot," she says. "He switched me from a backup ball to a hook and helped with other suggestions." Ed is a pretty capable bowler himself, but Sue can probably beat him most of the time because his emphasis is golf, which Sue also plays, but makes no claims to outstanding ability. "I'm a hacker," she laughed.

Mrs. Golen bowls for Jamestown Metal in the McFadden Ford Doubles League at Fountain Bowl on Mondays, for Golen's Pro Shop in the Bud's Carriage House League at Ten Pins on Tuesdays, and for A.J' s in the Forest-Rowan Concrete League at Satellite.

As good as she is going, Sue does not top the McFadden Ford League. Paula Cappalino and Maxine Hartman are in command there.

The Golen's have two children, Eddie, 10, whose name pops up every now and then in local junior bowling reports, and a daughter, Mary Sue, 13, more interested in swimming and golf than bowling.

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