Bradley Zimmer

Bradley Zimmer
Bradley Zimmer

Roller Skating
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Bradley Zimmer was not only one of the top local roller skaters in the 1950s and 1960s, but also one of the top competitors in the nation. Zimmer's father, the late Oscar Zimmer, owned the roller rink at Celoron Park and taught him to skate at the age of one. Zimmer had to be one of the youngest skaters around and eventually he became one of the youngest in each age group as he went into competition.

His list of titles is impressive and was topped when he was the Junior Men's Singles National Champion in 1959 at Lincoln, Nebraska. At the time he was only 14. The previous year he had begun training with Edward "Fuzzy" Bossart who was coaching in Pittsburgh. Zimmer would go to Pittsburgh once a week and was pleased later when Bossart moved to Erie, Pennsylvania. Bossart was been responsible for numerous national champions.

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