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Crist Angry About Status With Giants!

ORCHARD PARK – Chuckie Crist is angry and confused.

The Salamanca Central School product, who is in his third year with the New York Giants, saw action on only one series of plays Friday night when the Buffalo Bills came from behind to win in overtime, 23-17.

That’s what has the defensive back (safety) more than upset.

You could tell it Friday night when he dressed in a hurry and departed, with these words: “I’ll be home tomorrow (Saturday).”

He was ready for the call and the questions.

What’s the problem?

“I don’t know. He (coach Bill Arnspager) hasn’t said one word to me and I don’t know why I haven’t played.”

Crist was listed as the backup man to rookie Clyde Powers in the safety spot. “The only reason I got into the game for that one series,” he explained, “is that Powers has a pinched nerve and every now and then he has to come out.”

Crist continued, “I was told before the game that I’d play at least a quarter and a half, so I was dumbfounded when I didn’t play. I haven’t had a chance to show what I can do, or what I can’t do. I’ve only played about two and a half quarters since we’ve been there.”

Crist was one of the New York veterans who stayed out of camp when the NFL players were on strike.

Did that hurt you?

“Definitely,” he answered. “No doubt. I fell into his (Arnspager’s) disfavor as soon as I got there.”

Crist, who looked like he might have had a good shot as starting safety, also added, “I’m not even on the special teams anymore. That’s how I used to make a living. Maybe they are trying to tell me something.”

Are you worried about Tuesday (cut-down date)?

“Worried? Yes, I am worried. We have 68 on the squad and we have to come down to 47. That means 19 have to go. I don’t know where I stand. I’ll just have to wait until Thursday, but that might be a little late to get picked up on waivers. It’s so late, that’s the problem. The chances are that the guys who get put on waivers will clear.”

Crist was definite about one thing – he’ll find out before he leaves the Giants camp what happened.

“I don’t say much, but I won’t leave that place (Fairfield, Conn.) until I tell them how I feel. I don’t feel he has given me a good opportunity. Even if I stay, I will have a talk with him. I don’t want to sit. I know I can play somewhere. I know what I’m doing now. That basketball (at Penn State where he never played football) is behind me. I have to be back Sunday night. Who knows how long I stay?”

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