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Fischer Was King When He Was On Field Coaching The Dragons

Maple Grove Coach Is The Post-Journal Coach Of Year


Curt Fischer’s career won-lost record alone would be enough to place him among the area’s best high school football coaches.

After all, in just five years, the 33-year-old Fischer has led the Maple Grove Red Dragons to a 37-10 mark, including 10-1 this season.

From early September to mid-November, he coaxed, prodded and coached the Red Dragons to the most exciting, entertaining and successful season in the school’s football history.

“He’s so emotional and cares so much for the kids and they care for him the same way,” Maple Grove athletic director Dave Thomas said. “Success breeds success and it’s a wonderful combination.”

But there’s more to this man than just wins and losses, Section 6 titles and Far West Regional berths. All that’s important, to be sure, and none of what the Red Dragons accomplished in their amazing fall run will ever be forgotten. But long after the highlight films have been put away and the newspaper clippings and photographs carefully filed in scrapbooks, the one lingering constant that three dozen football players will have is the special relationship they had with their coach.

“He understands them,” Thomas said, “and he’s not afraid to become emotional with them. They relate to him and they know that he loves them.”

Behind the Cowher-esque intensity and almost maniac attention to detail, there’s a sensitive side to Fischer. Quick with a pat on the back or a hug, he’s been a coach, friend and surrogate father. The impact he’s had on his players has been immense.

“Curt’s one of those guys that 10 years from now, some of these kids will say, ‘He changed my life,’” said Kim Rambacher, the father of a player.

Noted Fischer, “I guess it’s real special for me to see how special it is for the kids. If you see the smiles and the happiness… they are so proud of themselves and they make so many sacrifices. I’m happy for the kids and the pride that exudes from them. That’s what makes it all worth it. It’s a dream season for them. As far as I go, I’m happy, but I’m more happy for the kids.”

Ryan Rambacher, Maple Grove’s record-setting place kicker, called Fischer a “great coach and mentor.”

“He’s good to play with because he’s so dedicated to us in the offseason. He’s there everyday lifting with us. It’s just a great feeling to have him coaching for us… Like he’s said we are like a big family.”

Hearing that quote, combined with his impressive performance on the field each weekend, made Fischer an easy choice as The Post-Journal’s Coach of the Year.

“I love these kids. That’s really the only reason I do this,” he said. “I try to give them every opportunity to be successful on and off the field.

“To me, this is the greatest time of my life. It can turn bad days into great days. It’s just a total experience for me. With the way I feel about the kids, I genuinely care about them. I guess it’s just like having 42 kids at times. I really enjoy that.”

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