Don Reinhoudt

Don Reinhoudt
Don Reinhoudt

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Brocton's Don Reinhoudt was known as the world's strongest man. He won the title in 1979 in the CBS World's Strongest Man Contest in Los Angeles after finishing second the previous year.

From 1971-80 Reinhoudt set 36 world records in powerlifting. From 1971-75 as an amateur he set world records in the squat (935 pounds), bench press (606 1/2 pounds) and dead lift (885 1/2 pounds). He was the world champion of the super heavy class and senior national champion of the super heavy class from 1973-76. ln 1972 he finished third in the world championships.

As a professional from 1978-80 he set world records in the 8,000-pound trolley pull, 10,000-pound trolley pull, 20,000-pound Mack truck pull, 3,000- pound barrel press and 1,000-pound girl lift. Those honors earned him a place in the Guiness Book of World Records.

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