Fran Sirianni

Fran Sirianni
Fran Sirianni
b. 1947

Year Inducted
Amy Sirianni sits at one end of a table in her West Ellicott home. She's joined by her husband Fran and two of their three sons, Jay and Nick. It's only late July, but Amy, a kindergarten teacher at Holy Family Catholic School in Jamestown, decides - more than a month before classes begin - that it's time for a little lesson in faith.

"Sometimes," she says as she looks a visitor squarely in the eye, "you have to completely trust because the Lord knows."

But - you want to ask - how in the Lord's name can He ever connect all the dots on what has turned out to be the Siriannis' faith, family and football odyssey, dating back almost 40 years? Can His "players" - in this case the Siriannis - hear or be willing to accept an "audible" when it's called? Can He look at a situation and get them to trust that He'll steer them in the right direction, even if there are obstacles in the way?

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