Jennifer Stuczynski Suhr

Jennifer Suhr
Jennifer Stuczynski Suhr
b. 1982

Track & Field
Year Inducted

By the age of 26, Fredonia's Jennifer Stuczynski Suhr had already accomplished far more than most people will even dream of in a lifetime.

Just to pick a subject, how many of us can say we've won an Olympic silver medal?

Jenn Suhr made her hometown beam with pride and drew national attention after she picked up that coveted honor by finishing second in the world in the women's pole vault event at the Beijing Summer Olympic Games in 2008.

Not bad for someone who was a little reluctant to take up the sport.


Running into the Headwind:
The Price of Olympic Gold
The Untold True Story

Rick Suhr has written a book about the journey Jenn and he made to an Olympic gold medal.

Copies are available for purchase on Amazon.

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