Speed Age Magazine

Julian Buesink

For Outstanding Achievement As Stock Car Racing’s Car Owner of the Year

For the average stock car owner, racing is a sport and not a profitable business. It is the owner who pays and pays and pays.

But, when it comes to getting results, Julian Buesink, 40, of Findley Lake, N.Y., comes as near to being a profit-maker as any owner in the business. For his success as an owner during the 1950 season, the Speed Age Award Panel has named him the outstanding stock car owner of the season which just closed.

Buesink tried every make of car he felt practicable, and soon discovered it took a different make for each kind of track. His stable was composed of Olsdmobile 88s, Fords, Mercurys and Lincolns. He contracted two drivers, Bill Rexford of Conewango Valley, N.Y. and Lloyd Moore of Frewsburg, N.Y., and sometimes used another, George Hartley of Erie, Penna.

Traveling from Canada to Florida, wherever the NASCAR Grand National Circuit operated, Buesink played his cars as one would play chess. He decided the type of car for a particular track, then furnished that make for his drivers. If his judgment was faulty, he lost, but, if it was right, he won.

That he won more often than he lost showed in the final NASCAR tabulation. His drivers, Rexford and Moore, finished as champion and fourth in the national standings, a combination of finish places not even neared by any other stable of cars.

For his belief in stock car racing, and performance of his stable of cars, Julian Buesink has been named by the voting panel for the first annual Speed Age Magazine Awards as the outstanding car owner for 1950 in the stock car field.

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