Lloyd Moore

Lloyd Moore
Lloyd Moore

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Lloyd Dennis Moore was born on June 8, 1912 and he lived his entire life in the same house on the Frew Run Road that his father and grandfather built in the 1890s.

He was the only boy among five children. His father lost a leg just below the knee in a farm accident when Lloyd was 5, so he had to take much of the workload.

Lloyd recalled, “I guess my dad make a poor choice to be a farmer because that put a lot of work back on everyone else after he got hurt. My mother used to get on the hay wagon, and we’d shovel it up to her the best we could.”

He quit high school after a year and a half to help maintain the farm.

For the farm boy from Frewsburg, working on tractors and building jalopies was commonplace. Only after a neighbor argued with him did Moore even think about racing.

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