Maceo Wofford

Maceo Wofford
Maceo Wofford
b. 1979

Year Inducted

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article by Scott Kindberg, which won a New York State Associated Press Association writing award, originally appeared in The Post-Journal in February 1999.

The sign reads, "Welcome to the James F. McElrath Gymnasium: Capacity - 2,000 individuals."

But since the facility opened in 1986, Jamestown High School administrators haven't had to worry too much about breaking any fire codes.

For in a school known for its tremendous football teams, basketball, while strong most of the last 12 years, has only rarely - and mostly at playoff time - quickened the pulse rates of JHS sports enthusiasts.

Until now.

This season the Red Raiders have regularly played before big crowds, including the last two which have been of the standing-room-only variety.

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