Pete Criscione

Pete Criscione
Pete Criscione
b. 1938

Year Inducted

Pete Criscione made his mark in the sports circles of Chautauqua County as both a player and a coach on various levels.

Criscione was born in Dunkirk on August 25, 1938, and resided his entire life in Chautauqua County. Things began for Criscione on the athletic scene in 1949 when he was a member of the first Little League team from Dunkirk-Fredonia and was a starter on the all-star squad.

The next year he was a member of the first Pony League team in Dunkirk- Fredonia and again was on the all-star squad. Then in 1952, he performed on the first Dunkirk-Fredonia rookie team.

Al Stuhlmiller, himself a member of the Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame, was Criscione's baseball coach at Dunkirk High School when the Marauders resumed the sport in 1955 after being without it since before World War II. Criscione was on championship squads under Stuhlmiller, not only in baseball, but also in basketball where he played four years from 1953-1956 and was a starter on Stuhlmiller's first title squad.

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