Sammy LaMancuso

Sammy LaMancuso
Sammy LaMancuso
b. 1929

Auto Racing
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EDITOR'S NOTE: The following article by Scott Kindberg originally appeared in The Post-Journal in April, 2016.

To commemorate his 80th birthday in December 2009, Sammy LaMancuso of Jamestown sat down with local historian Greg Peterson for a question-and-answer session regarding the former's stock car racing career.

At some point during the filming, LaMancuso and Peterson were joined by Mike LaTone, a good friend who had an idea for a special project in recognition of the former driver's four-decade career at area dirt tracks.

Specifically, it was LaTone's dream to restore LaMancuso's Dodge Charger, which had been collecting dust in the latter's Arnold Street garage since the Nixon Administration, and LaTone, along with other friends and family, wanted to give LaMancuso one last chance to steer his beloved 27L around Stateline Speedway.

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