James McElrath Sr.

Jim McElrath
James McElrath Sr.
b. 1935

Year Inducted

Having a high school gymnasium named after you doesn't happen to just anyone. To earn such an honor reflects the impact you've made on many people in a positive way throughout your lifetime. It also means you've earned tremendous respect and appreciation for your accomplishments.

Affectionately known as "Mac" by many in the community, McElrath enters the Hall of Fame for not only his many contributions as an administrator at JHS, but also his outstanding record as a basketball coach at Panama Central School, beginning more than 50 years ago.

Born in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, in 1935, he was an accomplished athlete himself, having played varsity basketball for Mercer High School, where he earned nine varsity letters, and at Westminster College and Grove City College before coming to Chautauqua County in 1957.

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