Chuck Boehler

Chuck Boehler
Chuck Boehler

Motorcycle Racing
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Chuck Boehler of Jamestown became a well-known figure in the sport of motorcycle racing, both nationally and internationally.

Boehler was instrumental in organizing the Chautauqua Lake Cyclists Club around 1950 and held the title of president for several years. Much of his time was donated helping to organize road rallies, poker runs, hill climbs, motocross, enduros, observed trials and scrambles.

From 1967-1974, Boehler was in charge of the motocross races which were held on Creek Road in Gerry. He started his own motorcycle sales and service shop in 1962.

A lot of Boehler's time was donated to training the local youngsters to ride. He also sponsored them and assisted them in acquiring parts for their machines.

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