Dennis Meszaros

Dennis Meszaros
Dennis Meszaros

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When one thinks of baseball at Falconer Central School, the name that immediately comes up is former coach Dennis Meszaros. Meszaros was involved in 778 games in which he was victorious in 65 percent with 509 wins as compared to 269 losses. His wins rank as No. 2 in Western New York to former Orchard Park coach Bob Barrows and he is right up there among the top five coaches in the state.

Meszaros finished his 32-year varsity career with the Golden Falcons by getting his greatest win - the New York State Class C title in 2000 with a win over Saratoga Catholic. That victory ended the season for Meszaros and the Golden Falcons on a 13-game winning streak and gave him and the school their first state title after being runnerups twice and to the semifinals once since competition began in 1981.

Altogether, Meszaros coached baseball at Falconer for 34 years as he began with two years of coaching the junior varsity after moving to this area following graduation from California State in Pennsylvania. He played one year of baseball at California State.

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