Ken Martin

Ken Martin
Ken Martin

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Ken Martin, the son of the late C. Harold and Svea G. Martin, was born in Jamestown on September 18, 1933, and attended Jamestown High School from 1950 to 1952 where he excelled in basketball and baseball. During his senior season, Martin was selected to the Lake Shore Basketball League First Team and ranked third in scoring. He also was a member of the J Club.

Baseball was a big part of his life in the service (1953-1955) as he played for the Army base in Fort Dix, New Jersey, then, played for the 22nd Signal Group in Korea that won a 1954 championship.

In 1956, Martin signed a contract with the then New York Giants. His first year was spent at St. Cloud, Minnesota, and his final season was at Danville, Virginia. Martin returned to the area and became one of the finest softball and baseball players leading numerous teams to league and tournament championships before calling it quits at the age of 51.

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