Tom Cusimano

Tom Cusimano
Tom Cusimano

Year Inducted
Nicknamed "The Coach", Tom Cusimano joins Wally Huckno, Joe Sanfilippo and Terry Ransbury as other football coaches from Jamestown that have previously been inducted.

Cusimano was an outstanding junior varsity football coach as well as the leader of the boys track team for many years at his alma mater.

Cusimano was born in March 4, 1922 in Jamestown. Cusimano played football for Jefferson Junior High School and later went on to play varsity fullback in 1937 and 1938 for Coach Rolland Taft. He graduated in 1939, but came back as a post-graduate to play that fall for coach Clarence Buckwald. Post-graduates were able to compete against New York State schools, but weren't eligible to face Pennsylvania schools. He also was a member of the Red Raiders' track squad. Cusimano also played baseball in the Muny and American Legion Leagues.

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